Brentyn Mendel

brentyn mendel

Brentyn Mendel, a Grand Island native, is an honors college student pursuing a bachelor of science degree in biomedical engineering at the University at Buffalo. He intends to pursue a master of science degree in mechanical engineering with a focus in biomechanical devices. In order to improve his understanding of business practices, Brentyn intends to earn a master of business administration degree.  Brentyn is an active member of his local fire department, the Grand Island Fire Company, and has been certified as an interior firefighter and an emergency medical technician. While volunteering in this capacity, Brentyn was able to identify many deficiencies in the current pre-hospital care system that he believes could be improved. He aims to correct the deficiencies by starting his own company that will specifically address problems that first responders face on a daily basis in order to improve the care they provide. Brentyn is currently an intern with a company in Buffalo that focuses on location devices that will cater to the first responder market, more specifically to firefighters. In his free time, Brentyn enjoys water sports, playing soccer and spending time with friends and family.