Liam Christie

liam christie

Liam Christie, a junior electrical engineering student at the University at Buffalo, currently serves as an undergraduate research scholar in UB’s Sensors and MicroAcutators Learning Lab. He performs cutting-edge research in advanced biometrics, test phantom metrology for medical diagnostics, and microfluidic device manufacturing. His research has resulted in five scientific publications and a number of professional presentations. Combining interests in STEM, innovation, and entrepreneurship, he works to inspire future entrepreneurs and engineers. As an Eagle Scout, Liam has a passion for giving back to his community, and has created his own program through the Boy and Girl Scout communities of Western New York in which he teaches STEM merit badges including fingerprinting, inventing, and entrepreneurship. Liam’s role in the STEM community has led him to become involved with UB’s Westminster Charter School initiative, as well as an engineering student leader and mentor for incoming freshman UB students. He is working toward attaining his PhD in electrical engineering, where he hopes to bridge his knowledge in the medical field with his entrepreneurial goals.  Last summer Liam interned at the Jacobs Institute within the Gates Vascular Institute, where he worked to close the gap between physicians and scientists by creating “smart” test phantoms of the human vascular system for device testing and development. This summer Liam is working in Moog’s space and defense division. Liam seeks to contribute to the resurgence of medical industry in Western New York through research in personalized medicine.