Mike Brown

mike brown

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Mike Brown is a sophomore at the University at Buffalo where he is pursuing a bachelor of arts in political science and computer science, with a minor in environmental design. He has a passion for public service and an interest in using technology to innovate within the public and non-profit sectors to promote civic engagement and make services more efficient and accessible. In his first year at UB, Mike received the Emerging Leader award and has since served as a peer mentor, an orientation leader, and Speaker of the Student Assembly; and he is currently running to serve as the University Council Student Representative for the 2017-18 academic year. Mike represents UB as a finalist for the Erie Hack competition in which he developed a text message-based water quality data system inspired by his work with the University Heights Tool Library where he regularly volunteers. As an Urban Fellow in the City of Buffalo, Mike is helping implement Buffalo’s open data policy, organizing a civic hackathon, and facilitating community engagement efforts around data. He also works to enhance government transparency as a member of the Town of Amherst’s Open Government Advisory Board. In his future, Mike plans to pursue a master’s degree in public administration and looks forward to dedicating his career to serving the Buffalo community.