Ryan Dils

ryan dils

Ryan Dils is a junior at the University at Buffalo currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science. As a Buffalo native, Ryan has immersed himself in the city’s growing technology scene and has completed software engineering internships at local companies M&T Bank and ACV Auctions, the latter of which he will be returning to in the summer of 2019. Ryan’s professional career as a software engineer encompasses not only working in an industry setting, but also conducting academic research at the University at Buffalo. He is currently involved in two different research projects which entail working in data-intensive computing, data transfer optimization, distributed systems, augmented reality, and computer vision. He will be presenting findings for his newest project, “Occlusion and De-Occlusion for Augmented Reality,” at the 15th annual Celebration of Student Academic Excellence at the University at Buffalo.

Ryan also aspires to help others in his community. He has kickstarted fundraising events for members of his hometown in Hamburg, NY, hosted networking events at the University at Buffalo, and has aided in volunteer efforts at the Westminster Charter School in Buffalo, NY. His overarching goal is to utilize his skills gained from previous experiences in order to start a successful software company in the city of Buffalo. By doing this, Ryan hopes to attract talented individuals in business and engineering to the region, which will boost the local economy and provide lucrative opportunities for people in Western New York.